What is Photography?

A short overview of what photography is, the way the image is captured, stored, and presented.

A Bit of History

A quick look at the start and early development of photography

Getting ready to make a photograph – the tasks and steps before the shutter is pressed – and the work that needs to be done in “post-processing”.

The Two Parts of Photography

The Camera


The Digital Photo

Technical Skills

  • Using the Camera
  • Exposure Basics
  • Focus
  • Controlling the light 
  • The Exposure Triangle 
  • Aperture 
  • Shutter Speed  
  • ISO Sensitivity 
  • Histogram 
  • Metering Modes 
  • Exposure Compensation 

Using the Camera 

  • How to hold the camera 
  • Tripods, monopods and other supports 
  • RAW, JPG and other alphabet soups 
  • Modes and PASM 

Seeing like an artist 


  • Seeing the subject 
  • Isolating the subject 
  • Arranging the subject 
  • Framing the subject 
  • The Decisive Moment 
  • Communicating with Your Viewer 
  • Shaping the Message 
  • Controlling the Story 
  • Composition – Arranging the subject 
  • Perspective – Point of View