– a place for sharpening photography skills


What is Photography?

A short overview of what photography is, the way the image is captured, stored, and presented.

A Bit of History

A quick look at the start and early development of photography

The Two Parts of Photography

Getting ready to make a photograph – the tasks and steps before the shutter is pressed – and the work that needs to be done in “post-processing”.

The Camera

A short description of the parts and functions of a camera.


The lenses that form the image. The various types and their uses.

The Digital Photo

Some of the technical details of the image. How it is recorded, encoded, stored, and used.

Technical Skills

  • Using the Camera
  • Exposure Basics
  • Focus
  • Controlling the light 
  • The Exposure Triangle 
  • Aperture 
  • Shutter Speed  
  • ISO Sensitivity 
  • Histogram 
  • Metering Modes 
  • Exposure Compensation 

Using the Camera 

  • How to hold the camera 
  • Tripods, monopods and other supports 
  • RAW, JPG and other alphabet soups 
  • Modes and PASM 

Seeing like an artist 


  • Seeing the subject 
  • Isolating the subject 
  • Arranging the subject 
  • Framing the subject 
  • The Decisive Moment 
  • Communicating with Your Viewer 
  • Shaping the Message 
  • Controlling the Story 
  • Composition – Arranging the subject 
  • Perspective – Point of View