Z-The Workshop

Participating student receive short photo assignments (about half-hour in length). Students post-process their images with the guidance of a mentor and then submit them to the “editor”. The editor explains the selection process and “publish” selected photos. The student may then pick another assignment.

The Workshop

The workshop is held on all three days of the Peachtree Corners Festival. It thus offers a rich variety of photo opportunities. There are musical performances on the festival stage, car shows, a kids area with rides and activities, and of course the many food, art and artisan booths with a wide variety of subject material. Strolling entertainers and enthusiastic crowds are lively subjects for the  student photojournalists.

On the workshop days the participants will receive short (about half-hour) assignments to cover some aspect of the festival. These assignments might be to show the zip-line in the kids area, musicians performing on stage, some antique cars at the car show, a clown working the midway.

The student photojournalist completes the shooting part and then comes to the project head-quarters (all within easy walks around the festival area) and under the tutelage of a mentor uploads the photos to project computers and does the post-processing work (very basic, cropping, exposure adjustments and such), then selects a group of photos and submits them to the “editor”. The student would then sit with the “editor” who goes over the photos, explains which tell the story well and selects a few for “publication”.

With the assignment completed, the student would then receive another assignment, using the experience and advice received to the mentors.

Students will be offered blocks of time throughout the festival days to participate. Students are not expected to be on call or on assignment at all times, but should plan on at least one or two hours on each day.